Confused by Quarter and Crew? Puzzled by Polyester? Let our glossary help refine your search and guide you to the best style of socks for your everyday and specialty needs.

Show your feet some love and find the perfect pair using the glossary below.


Word of the Day

Anatomical Fit

Socks knit in an assymetrical pattern that accommodates a Left foot and a Right foot. The benefit of this left/right fit is an overall better fit as the cut, padding, and stitching have been completed in a way that complements the unique shape of each foot.


A heat setting operation in which hosiery products are put on metal leg forms for a specific size and shape and set under heat, steam and or pressure.

Comfort Top

A term being used to describe constructions in welts (also called “tops”) that are constructed to provide a more comfortable less compressive fit attribute.

Dimensional Stability

The degree to which a fiber, yarn, or fabric retains its original shape and size after having been subjected to wear and wash experience.

Elastic Recovery

The degree that a fiber or yarn will return to its original size and shape after deformation from stress.


Refers to a resistance to fading (i.e. the property of a dye to retain its color when the dyed or printed textile material is exposed to conditions such as light, perspiration, atmospheric gases, or washing that can remove or destroy the color). A dyestuff may be reasonabley fast to one condition but only moderately fast to another. The degree of fastness of color is tested by standard procedures and many retailers require certain fastness standards for a particular use or condition.

Graduated Compression

A knitting technique utilizing special machinery which progressively changes the tension on high stretch fibers for the purpose of creating gradual decreases in leg compression from the ankle to the upper leg in order to facilitate increased blood flow up the leg, helping to increase circulation and energize the feet and legs.


Hyperglide is a Nylon reinforcement that helps reduce friction that can cause blisters and other discomfort.

Intimate Blend

Combining two or more different fiber types into a uniform mixture before the single yarn is spun.


A circular knit or flat knit fabric made with a plain stitch.

Knee High

Refers to trouser socks or socks that are constructed to fit just below the knee utilizing a welt which contains spandex to hold the product in place versus the use of the garter from many years past.

Long Staple

A long fiber. In reference to cotton, long staple indicates the fiber length of not less than 1 1/8 inches. In reference to Wool, the term indicates fiber lenghts of 3 to 4 inches in length.


A treatment applied to cotton yarn to improve the luster and increase the affinity of the fiber for dyes. The process causes the cotton fiber to permanently swell which increases luster, softens the fiber and increases tenacity.

No Show

A sock silhouette or style that usually ends under the ankle bone and has little to no visibility above the heel of the shoe.

Over the Calf

A sock silhouette that rises to just below the knee and covers the entire lower leg. This sock length is sometimes associated with compression socks that provide additional performance and support.

Polyester Fiber

A man-made fiber produced exclusively utilizing chemical polymers made up of DiHydric Alcohol and Terephaletic Acid, which when combined form a strong, versatile threadline used heavily in the sock and textile apparel industry.


A sock silhouette or style that usually has a leg length between 3-6″ and typically covers the entire ankle bone.

Residual Shrinkage

A term describing the amount of shrinkage remaining in a fabric after finishing, expressed as a percentage of the dimensions before finishing.


A metal disc containing numerous minute holes used in yarn extrusion. A spinning solution or melted polymer is forced through the holes to form continuous fiber filaments. This process is associated with the extrusion of man-made fibers process.

Toe Seam/Toe Closing

An operation in hosiery manufacturing where the toe opening is closed using manual operators or semi-automatated equipment.

Virgin Wool

New wool that is made into yarns and fabrics for the first time.


The property of a fiber that allows moisture to move rapidly along the fiber surface and pass quickly through the fabric.


A continuous strand of textile fibers, staple or filament, in a form suitable for knitting, weaving, or other method of intertwining to form a fabric.

Zone Cushioning

The padding ability of a terry-surfaced sock, knitted into a ribbed or plain surface – focused on certain areas of sock where the wearer experiences the highest impact.

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