It’s easy to celebrate and partake in helping better our planet one day out of the year, but how can you go above and beyond by making this day a part of your everyday life?

Here are some tips:

Switch To Reusable A simple action that could mean so much! The next time you order a drink, politely say “no” to plastic straws. If you just don’t think that you can live without using a straw, there are other options such as reusable, stainless steel straws.

  •  Bring reusable bags when you shop at the mall or the grocery store
  •  Pack your lunch in a reusable bag
  •  Use cloth towels or napkins to clean with or when you are eating instead of the disposable paper varieties

Use Environmentally Friendly Alternatives Do housework with non-toxic cleaning products Change any light bulbs that you use to efficient CFLs or LEDs

At The Workplace

  • Make a “green team” at your office to find cost-effective ways to conserve resources and promote sustainability (or you do it on your own)
  • Collect used printer, fax, and copier cartridges to recycle
  • Read and send documents online instead of printing them
  • Print two-sided
  • Teleconference instead of traveling when possible

Sustainable Wardrobe

  • Increase the life cycle of a garment by reusing it, donating it, or swapping with friends and family
  • Buy more second-hand clothing, you never know what you can find!
  • Look for better quality items that are more durable and choose other kinds of fibers that would have less of a harmful impact on the environment
  • Let’s face it, we often buy more than we need. Try to only buy new garments when necessary!
  • Don’t just toss your clothes if they are damaged. Find places where you can take your clothing to be reprocessed and then upcycled or downcycled.

Eat Sustainably

  • Buy local food or straight from the farm! Make frequent visits to your local farmers’ market
  • Buy organic food and support farmers and companies who use organic ingredients
  • Grow your own garden!

Although these are more efficient tips for everyday actions, you can still participate in an activity on Earth Day!
Volunteer in a local park, river, or beach cleanup. Plant a tree.