JavaSole Men’s Odor Absorbent Socks Made From Upcycled Coffee (4 Pair Pack)


JavaSole Men’s low cut, odor absorbent socks, made From upcycled coffee (4 Pair Pack). Great for running and workouts. Men’s shoe size 6-12 (US).

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Javasole odor absorbent socks are earth friendly and sustainable. Men’s shoe size 6-12 (US).

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Earth-friendly JavaSole fibers are made with used coffee drip grounds, which absorb odors and yield fewer CO2 emissions
  • SUSTAINABLE: A sustainable alternative, pre-consumer recycled cotton blended with virgin cotton – saves approximately 1320 gallons of water per pound of recycled cotton yarn used
  • SUPPORT: Arch Compression for support and stability to reduce foot fatigue – Hugs your foot and keeps sock in place
  • BREATHABILITY: Breathable mesh designed for ventilation and breathability to manage moisture and provide comfort
  • COMFORT: Targeted Zone Cushioning throughout leg and foot provides extra protection in high impact areas

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