Sock It to Summer!

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No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, dates are essential for reconnecting and touching base with your partner. While Valentine’s Day is the biggest date night of the year, there is a ton of pressure to make perfect plans. Avoid the stress and get creative on February 14th by making a DIY date night crate for a memorable night! Before choosing which date to plan, get a reusable box or crate big enough to hold everything you’ll need for your night.

Did You Know:

Socks will protect your feet from dust and pollution.
This will keep your feet and heels from developing ugly looking cracks.

Socks help absorb moisture from your feet.
This will help prevent odor in feet and shoes and prevent infections.

Wearing shoes without socks can harm your feet.
Anything from simple activities (like walking) to rigorous sports can lead to serious foot problems or infection.

Socks prevent your feet from sunburn.
Your feet have sensitive skin and are often ignored when it comes to covering up for the sun.

Socks can actually soften your feet.
Most socks allow feet to breathe easily, guaranteeing the skin to stay soft and youthful looking.

Cover Up This Summer with Comfort Sock

The Comfort Sock has a full line of no-show and low-cut socks guaranteed to keep your feet cool, dry, and stylish, no matter what look you are rocking this summer. Click here to browse all our no-show and low-cut options.

Sock Wreath

Casual Wear

Summer weather means it’s too easy to just throw on a pair of slip-ons or loafers sans socks. But, as noted above, you could be doing a lot of unnecessary harm to your feet all in the name of fashion. Why not use this chance to give your wardrobe a little pop of color? The Arikool Tab Socks boasts a patent pending knitting technique that helps to keep feet dry and comfortable while providing one way moisture transport – locking in moisture away from the foot. Plus, fun styles and colors means they will go well with any casual summer attire.

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Sock Snowmen

Athletic Attire

Summertime always inspires a more physical side to us – whether it is a day at the park, afternoons spent biking or hiking, or a pickup game of basketball. Make sure you have socks that keep your feet protected. Prince Performance Plus Low Cut Socks are built for athletic activities and feature Arch Compression for support and stability to reduce foot fatigue during the most strenuous of physical activities.

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Sock Exchange

Boat Shoes

This is where most style experts would be skeptical, but hear us out. Boat shoes can be rigorous on feet, and coupled with a day on the water (i.e. chances of excessive moisture), your feet could be at serious risk. Besides, style rules are made to be challenged! We suggest going no-show with The Comfort Sock Liner (COMING SOON!). Besides being invisible under your shoes, these socks have a Smooth Toe Seam Construction which eliminates bulky seams to reduce abrasion and prevent blisters. They also have a non-bulky cushioned sole for shock absorption which provides protection and comfort.

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