It can be frustrating – buying clothes for kids. They wear something a few times and before you know it, they’ve outgrown it. Everything from shoes and socks to shirts, pants and dresses are gone before their time. Let’s face it, buying clothes for kids can be an expensive and seemingly futile endeavor. Here are a few ways that you can save some time and money and relieve some of the stress of buying clothes for kids.

Hand Me Downs
Any parent with more than one child has used this age-old tradition to save money on clothing. Once your child outgrows something, simply pass it along to the next child. But sometimes children get a little upset receiving hand me downs. We don’t suggest being dishonest with children by trying to pass old clothes off as new. What we suggest instead is to have your older child gift the smaller child with the hand me downs. Place them in a nice box with a bow and make a show of it. The old clothes are often well received with new smiles this way.

Brothers - hand me downs

What about parents with only one child? We suggest creating a network of extended family and friends who can help one another with outgrown clothes. Again, kids are more likely to welcome the “new to them” clothes if they come directly from the cousin or family friend that they already admire or look up to. This also works well to forge or strengthen new friendships.

Buy Big
How often did you hear as a kid “you’ll grow into it?” This method doesn’t work for every kid in every situation – we don’t recommend that you buy your kids shoes that are two sizes too big. But there are many garments than can be worn a little larger without your kids looking like they are wearing your clothes. T-shirts are an easy win and can be worn long or tucked in for a neater appearance. This is easier with shirts that do not have an image or writing on the front. Pants can often be purchased a little big if accompanied with a belt. Cuffing your kids’ pant leg can also help and adds some style.

Versifit Socks for Boys and Girls

Versifit® Socks
In addition to shoes, socks are another item that you should not buy big. Ill fitting socks are uncomfortable and distracting. But now  The Comfort Sock has you covered. We’ve developed a proprietary technology that enables us to manufacture socks that grow with your kids! Versifit® Socks are engineered to stretch from the base of the toe to the heel of the foot to fit a wider range of sizes and still maintain their shape. The result of this comfort stretch technology is that you can save money because the socks will last longer.

Size Chart - Versifit

Versifit Sock Features

  • Biopolish finish that protects from pilling in the wash so socks stay soft and smooth to the touch
  • Breathable mesh designed for ventilation to manage moisture and provide comfort
  • Smooth Toe seam for added comfort
  • Made from durable cotton and spandex for a superior fit
  • Designed in the USA
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Additional Tips

Remember that clothing sizes are only a guide. Manufacturers and brands have their own specifications for sizes and actual sizes will vary greatly for similar products. Make certain your kids try on their new clothes before you make your purchase. If you buy online, be certain you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can return the items without hassle. For more great tips, check out this article from the Thrifty Frugal Mom blog.