To make comfortable socks is no easy task. It requires expansive knowledge of both manmade and natural fibers, years of experience in sock design and construction, and detailed knowledge of the entire human body… not just the foot. You need to understand how the body performs under stress and in various conditions.

Comfortable socks are designed for the individual and the primary activity for which the sock will be used. It is this combination of the “who, doing what” that defines the sock before it is constructed, before the proper fibers are chosen and before it is ever drawn by the designer.

Hiking Socks

Hiking demands much from a sock. Support for the ankles, cushion for the sole and warmth in cool climates are just a few of the attributes necessary to construct a pair of comfortable hiking socks. Hiking socks are typically made from bulkier yarns with fibers like wool for warmth and protection. Breathability is also important because feet sweat, even in cold weather. Hiking socks also take a beating, so durability is a big factor. There is an art to making socks durable while keeping them soft and comfortable for the trail.  Our hiking socks are made with a reinforced heel and toe – areas that receive the most strain on rough terrain. Our Hidden Peak Outdoor Hiking socks are a must for casual trail trekkers and serious adventurers alike.

Sports and Athletic Socks

Few things in life are more demanding on the body than a little healthy competition. Whether you are challenging your coworker to a friendly tennis match, playing with your friends in a game of basketball or competing against your own best time in a 5k run, you need all the help you can get from your sports gear. Socks are a crucial component of your gear and are often taken for granted, much to the irritation of your feet. All Sport Socks by Prince® and The Comfort Sock’s athletic socks are designed to keep you comfortable and protected regardless of the sport and the level of competition. Low cut socks are great for running to keep your legs cool and dry, while crew socks are perfect to protect your ankles. Both are made with cushioning, breathable fabrics and arch compression for support and fit.

Work Socks

Whether you work outside under the sun or inside your 2nd-floor office, our work socks are designed to offer comfort and support to all those who are on their feet on the job. Our Over the Calf Graduated Compression Socks provide hours of cushion and energizing support, increasing circulation, while easing common leg discomfort. For shock-absorbing comfort throughout the day, look no further than our Cushioned Work Socks. Made with a reinforced heel and toe and constructed from premium cotton, our work socks are designed and constructed for long lasting durability and comfort. Work can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, not with the right socks.

Whether you are looking for moisture control, arch compression or cushion, we have the best pair of socks for any occasion. All our socks come with our famous Comfort Toe Seam and a 100% money back guarantee. This is what makes The Comfort Sock your online resource for comfort and performance in a beautiful pair of socks!