Valentine’s Day DIY Date Night Crates

by | Jan 23, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, dates are essential for reconnecting and touching base with your partner. While Valentine’s Day is the biggest date night of the year, there is a ton of pressure to make perfect plans. Avoid the stress and get creative on February 14th by making a DIY date night crate for a memorable night! Before choosing which date to plan, get a reusable box or crate big enough to hold everything you’ll need for your night.

1. Game Night Crate

Pick a few of your (or your partner’s) favorite board games for a game night at home. Treat yourselves and get some soda and junk food for snacking, and grab a pack of The Comfort Sock’s Assorted Crew Socks to stay comfy all evening.

You need: board games + soda & pizza + Assorted Crew Socks

2. Movie Night Crate

You already watch movies at home with your S.O., so take it up a notch by getting classic snacks, like popcorn and candy, to make the night an entire experience. Pick a few movie options, including the one you saw together on your first date, and don’t forget some cozy essentials!

You need: movies + popcorn + candy + blankets

3. Explorer Crate

If the weather allows, head outside for an adventure with your partner! Check out local trails to hike or go on a mini road trip to explore a new city. Whether you’re surrounded by trees or skyscrapers, Hidden Peak socks make sure you’re comfortable every step of the way.

You need: camera + trail/city maps + Hidden Peak socks

4. Snow Date Crate

Embrace your inner-child and play in the snow this Valentine’s Day! Pick up a sled or an inflatable inner tube to spend the day sledding. Prepare a thermos of hot chocolate and wear some The Comfort Sock Smooth Toe Seam Knee High Socks to stay warm.

You need: hot chocolate + sled +The Comfort Sock Smooth Toe Seam Knee High Sock

5. Dine in Crate

Avoid the hassle of booking a reservation at a packed restaurant and cook a meal with your partner. Pick up ingredients for their favorite meal, or make something classic like spaghetti. You could even use a meal delivery service, HelloFresh, where ingredients will be delivered with a simple recipe. Sign up today for up to 50 percent off your first box!

You need: spaghetti & sauce + garlic bread + wine

Valentine’s Day is important for couples, but dates should happen year-round. Take turns creating crates with your partner for unique ideas and lasting memories any time of year. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and check out our other blogs for more ideas!