In honor of all mothers everywhere, we want to share what some of us are doing for our own mothers on this special day. Mother’s Day means so much to so many but often means something different to each family, to each child, and to each mother. Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at The Comfort Sock!


It’s always a struggle trying to figure out gifts for Mother’s Day….
Does she really need another necklace, another book, another “thing?” Since we have a busy weekend of graduations, we decided to cater dinner. That is always a gift when someone else cooks and there is little to no cleanup!

But my real gift to my mom is an honor card from Compassion. You can designate where you want the money to go – in my case I chose “child survival” – specifically mom and newborn care. She will receive a card letting her know that a gift was given in her honor to make a transformative difference for a child in need.

 – Heather

Compassion Card

Photo Courtesy of Compassion International, Inc.



At 82 years old, what matters most to my Mom is being together!  So on Saturday of Mother’s Day Weekend, I’m going to pick her up at her apartment and bring her to Winston Salem where we’ll visit the gardens at Reynolda House, then stop by a craft brewery for a cold one 😊.  We’ll head to my house for the rest of the weekend, which will include lots of chit chat, a visit to our Church, and some great meals cooked by my husband.  No doubt I’ll find a sentimental greeting card and write a paragraph or so about how much I love her and what she means to me, which she always loves. Last but not least, I’ll pack her a “go box” of goodies to take back to her apartment on Monday.

 – Shelley


My sister and I typically combine some of our funds to purchase my Mom something special for Mother’s day. That is what we are doing this year along with a Mother’s Day card. However, what I focus on and try to do each year on and around Mother’s Day is reflect and appreciate the impact my Mom has had on me. My Mom has taught me countless pertinent principles in life that I am ever grateful for.

Mother’s Day has always meant more to me for a little different reason than normal. Around this time in 2001, my Mom’s liver shut down and was not expected to live more than a few days continuing on the path that she was. Thanks be to God and organ-donors, she was able to quickly scale up the list of liver transplant candidates, receive a transplant and blood transfusion, and started her path to recovery. While I was 7 years old at the time, needless to say I was not sure of the severity of what was going on. She is alive and well today and I cannot be thankful enough.

Each Mother’s Day I try to focus on and convey my appreciation to my Mother. I think it is also important to reflect on the other “mothers in our lives.” There are a number of other women, while not my biological family, that have played an important role in my life. I think one of my favorite characteristics of my Mother and “mothers in our lives” is their ability to love on and serve others. I think Mother’s Day is a great time to show appreciation to these women.

 – Daniel


My mother passed away several years ago. Now, I celebrate Mother’s Day with my wife. For my wife this year I will try to give her a day to relax and do whatever it is that she enjoys. I will cook her meals and wait on her all day. The kids are giving her an Amazon gift card with the promise that she will only shop for herself. We also spent some time searching for the perfect cheese cake. I found it at a local restaurant. I hope she likes it.

 – Eric

Amazon Gift Card